The Latino and Behavioral Health Research Team (LABHRT) is housed within the University of Houston, College of Education, and the Department of Psychological, Health and Learning Sciences. The overarching mission of the LABHRT is to generate knowledge and practices that contribute to understanding and reducing tobacco-related and behavioral health disparities, particularly among Latino/Hispanic ethnic groups. Research projects undertaken in LABHRT include online surveys, a pilot intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a qualitative study, and secondary data analyses from externally funded research.

Completion of Project PRESENT

This was a pilot study testing the acceptability of a smoking cessation intervention delivered via phone and video among Latinx who smoke. The intervention was based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Main results: participants completed an average of 6 sessions (out of 8), found the sessions useful, and 35% were abstinent at the end of treatment (this is similar or above other treatments). 



Hispanics/Latinos' Cigarette and E-cigarette Use: Behavioral and Self-rated Health. We examined data from the Houston Health survey and found, among other findings, that Hispanics/Latinos adults who had psychological distress tend to be dual users of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes compared to persons who didn’t use tobacco or use only one product

Study active for recruitment 

Danielle Llaneza, M.S., a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology, obtained funding from the Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program to conduct a pilot study entitled Self-Report Study to Understand Adequacy of and Barriers to Psychosocial Support for Adult Cancer Patients and Survivors of Color During COVID-19. So far, 98 persons have participated. The project is open for ongoing recruitment! 


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