Independent Study Interns


Ingrid joined LABHRT in Fall 2018. She received a degree in Health and a minor in Nutrition. She was an intern at LABHRT and assisted in the Spanish translation of projects. Ingrid continues to explore her research interests. She aspires to help the Latinxs community and continue her education. In her spare time, she spends time with family and friends and walks her dogs.

Ingrid Yrra, B.S.

Undergraduate Intern

Spring 2019

Melanie Gallego, B.S.

Undergraduate Intern


Melanie studied Public health in the College of Education with a minor in Biology. Throughout her studies, she has also discovered an interest in smoking cessation, leading her to work with the Latino and Behavioral Health Research team. By incorporating the reasons for behavioral choices and also acquiring knowledge for smoking cessation, she plans to integrate this into her future work with patients.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing instruments, exercising, and watching documentaries.

Andres Munoz_edited.jpg
Andrés Muñoz

High school Student Intern 

Summer 2018 

During the time of his internship, Andres Munoz was a senior at Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions. In his pursuit of a career in medicine, he hopes the research team will serve as a place to learn more about the realm of the health sciences through the eyes of psychology and tobacco research.

Although he was a short-term addition to the team, Andres was able to expand his knowledge and develop meaningful relationships that will aid him in his academic path.

His hobbies include baseball, playing piano going to the movie, and hiking, and camping. 

Marshall Motsenbocker, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant 


Bryn is a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in public health. She majored in Health with a minor in Family Studies. She took the independent studies class with Dr. Correa-Fernandez not knowing what to expect. She studied on infectious disease providers knowledge, attitudes, and practices in Argentina, and presented her findings at UH Undergraduate Research Day.  She currently works at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center as a clinical study coordinator on a circulating tumor study. She loves her job and plans to continue her education to get a Ph.D. in Epidemiology after taking a year to focus on her current position. Some of her hobbies include playing board games, engaging in her community to promote local election voting as well as advocating for at-risk minority groups. She also volunteers with Houston Pets Alive and enjoys camping and hiking with her dog, Kira. 

Bryn Seerker, B.A.

Independent Study 

Summer 2017 

Augusta Ezem_edited.jpg
Augusta Ezem, B.A. 

Undergraduate Independent Study 


Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Augusta is UH graduate with a major in public health and double minors in sociology and biology. During her undergraduate, she took an independent study session with Dr. Correa Fernandez. She had always been interested in research, but she did not know how to gain the right foundation. Her Independent study session gave her more than a foundation. It opened her mind to different facets of advanced critical thinking. Apart from critical thinking, she was privileged to attend many career-building training sessions like IRB training and systemic review training.  

Her research topic was titled Epigenetics and the effects of maternal smoking on offspring. It was challenging but, in the end, she was so inspired and grateful. She often refers to this experience as her most valuable college experience. She is currently en route to medical school in hopes of acquiring an MD/MPH degree soon where she hopes to continue her pursuit and appreciation for research